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To make certain your overseas trip to New Zealand is safe as well as enjoyable, we’ve created a travel health self-help guide to many common health issues whenever going to New Zealand. It is advisable to consult with a travel vaccination practice or your doctor before going to New Zealand.
Click on the web links below for a quick summary of issues that travellers should be aware of for safe travel in New Zealand.

General Travel Health Advice For New Zealand From Australia

You may also get hold of additional travel health guidance from travel vaccination for New Zealand

The travel advice information for New Zealand for travellers from %%hostcountry%% on this website doesn’t substitute your doctor’s advice. Information about travel disease risk in New Zealand and travel vaccination immunisation for New Zealand are drawn from the centres for Disease Control web sites globally and relates to known health risks in New Zealand.

The travel health information for New Zealand supplied does not consist of any information associated with disease outbreaks, which could occur frequently and with little warning.

Speak with your medical professional before you go to New Zealand for the most current travel health and travel immunisation information.

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Latest Government Travel Advice for New Zealand

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Tips For Buying Travel Insurance Cover to New Zealand

  • Make certain that you comprehend what exactly your travel insurance coverage covers since they’re not limitless. It might not insure you for cancellations or change to travel plans.
  • Clarify any kind of policy concerns directly with the travel insurance provider, indicating that you are visiting New Zealand.
  • Verify that medical cover for your trip to New Zealand is enough for possible expenses in New Zealand. Ensure you mention any type of pre-existing medical health conditions you’ve got.
  • Usually, cover for travel luggage and personal items is restricted and expensive products for instance video cameras, notebooks and/or jewellery will have a per-item cap.
  • Travel Insurance Policy Exclusions: Common exclusions exist on just about all travel insurance policies like acts of civil unrest, self inflicted harm, loss/theft of unattended baggage and pre-existing medical conditions. Travel insurance plans could be invalidated where injuries are sustained under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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